Ensuring Excellence in Will-Writing: The Importance of the Institute of Professional Willwriters Code of Practice

Ensuring Excellence in Will-Writing: The Importance of the Institute of Professional Willwriters Code of Practice

When it comes to will-writing, choosing the right professional is paramount to ensure that your final wishes are accurately and effectively documented. The Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) stands as a beacon of trust and quality within the industry, setting high standards for its members.

But what makes an IPW member stand out in the field of will-writing?

Historical Background

The journey to excellence began in April 2008 when the IPW launched its Code of Practice after more than a year of consultations with its members and the Office of Fair Trading. This collaborative effort aimed to craft a code that not only met regulatory standards but also addressed prevalent issues in the will-writing sector, ensuring that the services provided by its members were both ethical and professional.

The Code of Practice Explained

At the heart of the IPW’s commitment to excellence is its Code of Practice, a comprehensive set of guidelines that delineate the standards of service, ethics, and professionalism expected from its members. This Code covers a range of practices, from client confidentiality and transparency to the accuracy and thoroughness of the will-writing process itself.

Mandatory Compliance for Members

Adherence to this Code is not optional for IPW members—it’s a fundamental requirement. This mandatory compliance ensures that all members maintain a consistent level of service that clients can rely on, fostering a trusting relationship between will writers and their clients.

Requirements for New IPW Members

For new entrants to the IPW, compliance with the Code of Practice is a crucial step. It involves implementing specific processes and undergoing rigorous checks to ensure they meet the IPW’s high standards. This induction process guarantees that every member, regardless of when they join, upholds the same level of commitment to quality and integrity.

Insurance and Complaints Procedure

To provide further assurance to clients, IPW members are required to have appropriate insurance and an effective complaints procedure. This not only protects the professionals but also ensures that clients have a clear, straightforward path to resolution should any issues arise.

Trading Standards Institute’s Consumer Codes Approval Scheme

The IPW’s Code of Practice is endorsed by The Trading Standards Institute’s Consumer Codes Approval Scheme, offering an extra layer of confidence to clients. This approval signifies that the IPW’s standards align with national consumer protection efforts, reinforcing the trustworthiness of its members.

The Benefits of Choosing an IPW Member

Opting for an IPW member for your will-writing needs brings numerous benefits. You’re not just hiring a professional; you’re securing peace of mind, knowing that your will is crafted with the utmost care and expertise.

Furthermore, the IPW’s adherence to its Code of Practice means you’re receiving a service that’s not just professional but also compassionate and tailored to your unique circumstances.

In a field where precision and trust are paramount, the IPW’s Code of Practice stands as a testament to the institute’s commitment to excellence. Choosing an IPW member for your will-writing needs means choosing quality, professionalism, and the assurance that your final wishes will be honored with the highest standards of care.

Don’t leave your will-writing to chance. Ensure that your legacy is in safe hands by choosing a professional who adheres to the IPW’s Code of Practice.   

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