Experienced Will-Writing and Estate Planning Experts in Conwy – Meet Katrina and Kyra

Katrina Deacon brings a wealth of experience in contract law, a journey that commenced with her studies in Business and Finance, incorporating a Business Law module, at university in 1993. Her diverse career across various sectors has been marked by a steadfast commitment to ensuring legislative adherence. In 2020, Katrina expanded her expertise into the realm of trusts and equity law.

Embarking on a new professional chapter, Katrina embraced the rigorous training required to become a professional will-writer, culminating in her qualification and subsequent full membership with the Institute of Professional Willwriters in 2023.

Dedicated to lifelong learning, Katrina continually enhances her proficiency in estate planning, leveraging her extensive experience in will-writing to serve a broad spectrum of client needs.

Katrina’s partnership with her daughter, Kyra, forms the cornerstone of their service. Kyra, who is experienced in administration, has honed her skills through a Level 4 NVQ apprenticeship with Cambrian Training in Management and Leadership. Her customer-focused approach ensures that every aspect of the will-writing and estate planning process is handled with efficiency and precision, guaranteeing the utmost accuracy and care for every client’s needs.

Together, Katrina and Kyra ensure a comprehensive and empathetic approach to will-writing and estate planning, tailored to the unique needs of each client, providing peace of mind and meticulous attention to detail at every step